Seventh Hole

Par 5


460 Yards

The second of the three par 5s on the front nine, the seventh hole now plays 460 yards from the back tees.  Despite its shorter yardage in comparison to other par 5s, the seventh is a challenging hole.

Tee shots down the fairway will likely run down the hill towards the trout brook.  The brook meanders along the approach then turns perpendicular to the hole direction and bisects the fairway.

From the initial fairway, the player must decide to lay up into the next fairway section, or take on the pond in front of the green in an attempt to hit the green in 2!  The narrow depth of the green requires proper club selection. Shots short of the green will likely not hold the hill and instead roll back down into the pond. A shot long of the green will make for a challenging up and down back towards the pond.

The likely bailout areas in the approach and greenside provide additional challenge. Two fairway bunkers sit to the left of the fairway and collect wayward shots.  The two greenside bunkers to the left of the green complex collect bailout shots, should the player avoid challenging the pond.

Mounding at the front middle of the green deflects approach shots to the left or right.  A properly placed shot can use the slope to funnel the ball towards the pin.

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