Capital Campaign

Since December 2019, we have received $65,500 toward our Capital Campaign, which is 39% of our goal of $170,000. Let me again remind you all of the reason behind this figure.

A very generous member offered to donate $200,000 in a dollar-for-dollar match to go toward the golf course reconstruction effort. As a club, we accepted the donation, and the challenge. After four years, the campaign failed to reach the $200,000 threshold. Another generous member stepped forward to add the remaining $80,000 in order to complete the match, on the condition that we continue to fund raise. The Board at that time agreed to repay his generosity. It was important to show that the shareholders and members of the course had a stake in the improvements.

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The Ticonderoga Golf Course Capital Campaign has made great progress towards our $170000 goal. Please consider donating by clicking the donate button below

$65,500 Raised

You can also donate to the TGC Capital Campaign via mail by sending donations to: Ticonderoga Golf Course, PO Box 27, Ticonderoga NY, 12883

When fire destroyed the clubhouse in 2018, there was an immediate need to start planning for a new facility. With the building and parking lot destroyed, and with few options as to where a new building could be located, issues like water drainage, ingress and egress, parking areas, and cart paths needed to be addressed. A site plan had to be designed.

With an insurance company that was not cooperating, this same member agreed to front the cost of this plan, $90,000. Again, this was not a gift or a donation. This member, who has a passion for the club, the course, and the area, saw an immediate need, and stepped up to front us this amount. We are now up to our goal of $170,000.

Using simple math, we have 500 outstanding shares, and need $170,000, yielding a suggested donation of $340 per share owned. This is NOT an assessment, rather a suggested amount. Some of you have responded. We thank you for your donations and your continued interest in our golf course. To those who have not, there is still time to donate. Since 1926, the course has been there to play, to socialize, to share a meal with family and friends. To those of you reading this, you have spent quite a bit of your spring, summer and fall on its grounds. As mentioned in the letter, after all is said and done, the course and building will have had an $8,000,000 upgrade. The $340 donation represents 0.021% of that total. Let’s pay our debts, keep our word, and live up to our promises. It’s not too late. Shareholders or not, your help is needed.

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