May 4, 2021

Help Maintain the Course

Superintendent Joe Tennyson and his team have worked incredibly hard to prepare the course for the 2021 season. Joe’s goal is always to present the best course conditions possible.

Out of our control

Obviously, the most significant unknown at Ticonderoga is weather. No matter what the crew does, TGC is always at the mercy of Mother Nature. With significant investment in holes along Trout Brook, weather disruptions are becoming less and less severe.

In our control

One element that can be controlled is how we, as players, take care of the course. When the grounds crew hands the course over to us every morning – in pristine shape – the conditions at the end of the day are defined by our permit holders and our paid guests. If there is significant degradation of the green surfaces, fairways and bunkers, we have no one else to blame but ourselves.

What can cause degradation?

  • Unrepaired divots and ball marks
  • Scuff marks
  • Cigar and cigarette ashes and butts on greens
  • Poorly repaired bunkers
  • Cart damage
  • Garbage left outside of receptacles

Ball Mark Repair

Please be sure to check for your ball mark before putting, especially if you’re riding and you don’t pass the landing area on your way to your ball. If you are playing with others, remind them to fix their ball marks or do it for them. Because we know everyone can’t always find their ball mark, help everyone out by repairing at least one other per hole.

Repair technique is very important

Fix the mark by inserting the ball mark tool at the rear of the mark and pulling gently toward the center.  Do not pop the mark up in the middle, which is very damaging to the green and far less likely to heal.  Please refer to this graphic and short video from the USGA on proper ball mark care.

We have made a significant investment in the course at TGC, and we thank you very much for your help in controlling what we can control. Please let Joe, George, or Jason know if you have any questions or comments.

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