April 26, 2022

New Season, New Grips!

Every golfer knows that it is important to maintain the grips on their clubs and putters. Like a pair of shoes, your grips wear down over time. Rain, sweat, oil from your hands, heat, and dirt all take their toll and cause grips to wear down over time.

Golf is a game that requires a sense of comfort in one’s equipment, making it important golfers like the feel of the golf grip.  The grip is the only part of the golf club you touch on every swing or stroke. Thus, the grip is the feel-center of your game.  Having proper grips is crucial to performing your best. Changing your grips frequently can be one of the most cost effective ways to maintain your equipment, and can add more consistency and control to your shots. New grips make any set of golf clubs feel like a brand new set.  

A few ways to tell if you may need your grips changed:

  • Slick Grips or a firmer feel of grips than they should be.
  • Grip wear such as crumbling rubber or discoloring

As a rule of thumb, you should regrip your clubs once per year, or every 40 rounds.  

TGC Pro Shop is stocked and ready!

Fresh grips can make a world of difference in your confidence and performance in any conditions.  Installation is included free of charge on all the pricing of our grips.  Don’t have what you’re looking for?  We can custom order what we don’t have in stock.  Stop by the pro shop to get your new grips on before the 2022 season.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

The Pro Shop will be open from April 28, 7am – 6pm.

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