April 21, 2022

Nine New Bridges for TGC

Throughout its nearly 100 year history, Ticonderoga Golf Course has evolved and expanded. Major renovations have occurred more recently and are apparent to the many who have played the new tees, greens, and holes.

It’s the small things that make a difference.

When we think about course renovations, the average golfer’s mind doesn’t necessarily go to bridges. TGC believes bridges are, however, emblematic of the evolution of this historic course. Bridges naturally “connect,” and throughout the years where TGC has undergone major changes, we’ve seen the pull of the past bridge to the vision of the future.

As we seek to bring Ticonderoga Golf Course into its next 100 years, we will continue to focus on improving the experience of our customer base with meaningful changes. We are delighted to share that a group of committed donors, whose names you will see, have purchased nine new bridges for TGC.

It takes a village

The project has been overseen by James Moran, TGC Board Member, who has organized and managed the Bridge project from start to near finish. However, the dedication of long time members and players, demonstrated through volunteering countless hours, is what makes TGC the special place it is. We are so grateful to Rick Bartlett, Rob Berrick, Scott Hearburg, Cory Thompson, Paul Brauner, and Doug Ross for their commitment and making TGC the place it is today.

We can’t wait to have you walk the new bridges in 2022!

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