Seventeenth Hole

Par 3


170 Yards

The par 3 seventeenth, an all new hole at Ticonderoga Golf Course, will test the player’s ability to judge the wind and distance.  This hole runs parallel to the former 17th.

The green is by far the narrowest green at the Ticonderoga Golf Course, but is also quite long from front to back. The hole may play as long as 170 yards with a back tee and back pin, but may also play much shorter with a front pin.

Protecting the green are three small bunkers that will collect any shots that hit the uphill front of the green.  To the left of the green, wayward shots will settle in a closely mown collection area that sits several feet below the putting surface.  To the right, high mounds covered in fescue will hold any shots to the right and make for difficult chips down onto the putting surface.

On the green, the front, middle, and rear third of the green each offer different challenges.  While all three camber from right to left, the middle third has the greatest slope which can carry shots off to the fringe, or all the way to the collection area.

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