Lifetime Permit



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Lifetime Permit

  • Unlimited Play for 25 years

  • One-Time Transferable Permit*

  • Join the Cart Path Initiative:

Features of Lifetime Permit:

25 Years of Golfing: Embrace a quarter-century of golfing excellence at Ticonderoga.

One-Time Transferable Membership: Extend your passion for golf to someone special with a one-time transfer option.

Join the Cart Path Initiative: Encouraged donation of $10,000 to our Cart Path Project, enhancing the course for future generations.

A Special Offering for Couples: Experience the joy of golf together with our exclusive Couples Lifetime Permit.

The clock is ticking

Don’t wait. The fairways of Ticonderoga await your legacy. Secure your Lifetime Permit today and be a part of golfing history.
*At the time of transfer (for any reason) the remaining available period is 25 years less the number of years used.